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Respiratory Therapy Sports Fest Kicks Off

The College of Respiratory Therapy held a sports festival encircling a diverse range of sports at the Pines City Colleges gym. Amid the action-packed matches, the students showcased athleticism in various games, including chess, Game of the Generals (GOG), table tennis, badminton, volleyball, and basketball. 

The sports event took part in the celebration of Respiratory Therapy Week and started on November 13 until November 15, 2023. Groups called Erudite, Amity, Abnegation, Candor, Dauntless, and Divergent were formed, with the faculty and staff of the college included, to incorporate all RT students, faculty, and staff in the competitions and overall event.

On the opening day, they witnessed the commencement of the GOG and chess tournament, where participants engaged in intense matches. Following a competitive double-elimination format, Kirby Bal-o from Abnegation claimed the top spot in the GOG competition, while in the chess tournament, Ivan Garcia of Amity demonstrated strategic skill by checkmating all competitors.

The spectators were treated to a display of lightning-fast reflexes and precision shots at the table tennis and badminton competitions. After the thrilling showdown, Juvymar Soliman from Dauntless secured first place in table tennis, whereas Abnegation won gold in the badminton finals.

HEALTHY AND FUN IN SPORTS. Ms. Kirby Bal-o (Left-center photo) of Team Abnegation was crowned as champion of Game of the Generals and Ms. Juvymar Soliman of Team Erudite (Right photo) proved that she is the queen of Table Tennis with her fast moves and precise shots. Photos by ARTS

Moreover, the intense volleyball match had the gym resonating with cheers and yells as representatives of each faction battled fiercely, leaving the watchers on the edge of their seats. The unforgettable performance was concluded after Amity spiked a victory against Erudite.

SPORTSMANSHIP. Two teams showed great sportsmanship by shaking hands after a tough volleyball game of mixed volleyball men and women. Photo by ARTS

In the women’s basketball match, spectators were treated to a riveting 3-on-3 play featuring different factions. The Amity faction emerged as champions after a compelling double-elimination tournament, adding to the excitement of the sports festival.

WOMEN POWER. These photos show the competitiveness of the Amity Women’s Basketball competing with other teams for their big game. They highlight the hard work and determination of each player as they prepare to hit the court and win the championship game. Photos by ARTS

As the sports festival reached its conclusion, players were duly recognized and presented with certificates. Agatha Distor, the President of the Association of Respiratory Therapy Students (ARTS), expressed that the decision to organize the sports festival was driven by ARTS to provide stress relief, promote team building, and create stronger bonds among students.  # Leann Candace T. Balba

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