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College of Respiratory Therapy Launches Respiratory Week

The College of Respiratory Therapy of Pines City Colleges orchestrated a dynamic celebration of the annual Respiratory Therapy (RT) Week. The event, held in the third week of November, included activities that showcased the intellect, critical thinking, and skills of the students.

Groups called Erudite, Amity, Abnegation, Candor, Dauntless, and Divergent were formed, with the faculty and staff of the college included, in order to incorporate all RT students, faculty, and staff in the competitions and overall event.

One highlight of the celebration was the poster-making competition, where students from different factions demonstrated artistic talents. Guided by the theme “Our Purpose; Our Passion: Breathing Life into Compassion and Excellence,” the contestants passionately sketched and colored, offering unique perspectives on the given topic. After thorough judging, Davin Dizon of Erudite emerged as the first place winner. At the same time, the essay writing competition also transpired with participants from different factions. The students were given the topic, “How has your PCC-RT journey, so far, helped you breathe life into compassion and excellence?’’ This question not only challenged writing skills but also tested the articulacy of ideas with clarity and depth. Abnegation member Iriz Pultz secured the first place position, delivering an essay that stood out for its eloquence and insightful reflections.

INSPIRING STORIES. Ms. Iris Pultz (Left-center photo) of Team Abnegation won the Essay Writing Competition and Mr. Davin Dizon (Right–center photo) got first place in the Poster Making Competition. Ms. Rinaliza Bogsulen, RT Officer-in-Charge Dean, and Mr. Nicolei Andrew Dela Cruz, class instructor, presented the Award of Recognition to the winners. Photos by ARTS

Another high point of the celebration was the quiz bee, an academically focused event that demonstrated the knowledge of the students regarding Respiratory Therapy. The factions carefully analyzed and competitively answered every question presented by the quiz master, one of the college’s instructors. The competition ended with the Amity faction gathering the most accumulated points and winning the gold.

These activities in the RT week were planned to serve as a platform for creating opportunities for students to showcase their academic abilities. The academic event not only practiced healthy competition but also encouraged collaboration, critical thinking, and creative expression among the students. # Leann Candace T. Balba, College of Respiratory Therapy



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