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College of Pharmacy Intensifies Drug Awareness

GUESTS. PDEA Chief Bowe Pur-ayan (Front-left) with his office companions Mr. Augustus Beralde (Front-center) and Ms. Aprile Andason (Front-right). Photo by OFPharm

In partnership with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), the College of Pharmacy – Community Engagement Services (CES) conducted a seminar on dangerous drugs awareness entitled, “Get Real About Drugs: Better Knowledge for Better Care” on the 21st of November 2023 at the Pines City Colleges’ (PCC) PT-AVR.

College of Pharmacy CES Coordinator Ms. Grace Bayeng delivered the opening remarks and introduced the guest speaker of the event, PDEA Chief Bowe O. Pur-ayan of the Preventive Education and Community Involvement Office. He comprehensively highlighted the importance of awareness of the different and common dangerous drugs accessible to the youth and how they affect the body. He also pointed out the possible penalties for being involved with dangerous drugs in accordance with Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002. 

GET REAL ABOUT DRUGS. PDEA Chief Bowe O. Pur-ayan actively engaged the students in his discussion on the principles and provisions under RA 9165. He also demonstrated how drugs are transported, delivered, traded and administered. Photos by OFPharm

Dangerous drugs continuously pose a significant threat to the health of the public. Correspondingly, one way to prevent the risk of drugs is through education. Learning about drug education or awareness entirely gives an absolute realization and understanding of the causes and the consequences of drugs in our lives. As a youth and student with goals, there are a lot of temptations whirling around which will either influence or make students attain stronger self-control. Effective drug education is thus important because young people are faced with many influences to use both licit and illicit drugs.

QUESTIONS ON DRUGS. Student participants asked questions about the discussion, particularly about the legality and penalty of using marijuana oil for certain sicknesses. Photos by OFPharm

As responsible healthcare providers, one of the objectives of PCC is to optimize students’ knowledge of pharmaceutical care. In doing so, the College of Pharmacy equips their students who are future healthcare providers with sufficient and accurate knowledge about medications that they can disseminate.

The conducted seminar aimed at intensifying awareness and initiatives against dangerous drugs among college students, especially future health professionals who will become partners in strengthening and mobilizing others on initiatives relative to dangerous drug education.

Organization of Future Pharmacists (OFPharm) Adviser Mr. Ian Ray Van Matt Edward Guinid closed the seminar through his closing remarks highlighting his appreciation to the guest speaker and participants who attended the event. # Florian K. Layugan, OFPharm

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