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PCC signifies the commitment to saving lives through Mobile Blood Donations

With all the progress happening around us, it is best to remember people’s lives are more important than anything. Life is interconnected with this progress, leading to even greater progress essential to mankind.

Thus, to contribute to the increase in life expectancy and as the center of excellence in allied health education, Pines City Colleges (PCC) signified its commitment to donate blood through the Philippine Red Cross.

On November 22, 2023, PCC’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Marian Grace Gascon, and College of Medical Laboratory Science Dean, Dr. Marina Segnaben, signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) through PRC-Baguio City Chapter Board Member and Councilor Vladimir Cayabas and Ms. Jennelyn Terre, Officer-in-Charge.

In this agreement, PCC committed to being a source of blood donors through regular mobile blood donation (MBD) activities among its members and community. Every quarter of the year, PCC and PRC shall conduct the MBD at a scheduled date and place convenient to both parties. Aside from this, PCC, in coordination with PRC, will maintain a pre-determined stock level of blood at its blood service facilities, intended solely for the issuance and distribution of blood to its members and community. Employees and dependents of PCC members shall also be beneficiaries of PRC when needed, depending on the availability of blood. The necessary documents and procedures shall be secured and implemented to make blood donations and obtain blood.

MOA SIGNING. This has not been the first time that PCC and PRC have collaborated on mobile blood donation drives that help with the needs of hospitals, clinics, and individuals for blood. (Left to right) PRC Baguio Chapter representatives, Ms. Jennelyn Terre and Councilor Vladimir Cayabas, and PCC VP for Academic Affairs and College of Medical Laboratory Science Dean Dr. Marina Segnaben, signed and presented the contract for humanitarian aid to save people’s lives through blood donations.

Mobile Blood Donation

It is in the culture of PCC to extend its resources for good health and well-being. Through Project ANGELS, the community engagement program of PCC Community Engagement Services, college departments, including faculty and students, and non-teaching personnel, work hand in hand to achieve this endeavor of the institution. The MBD is one of its activities that exposes and involves the College of Medical Laboratory Science and other stakeholders in the institution. Recently, during its 54th Founding Anniversary, they gathered about 50 bags of blood donated to the PRC.

Through a participatory and holistic approach, PCC believes that sustainability and commitment will be strengthened for every stakeholder in its programs and activities, such as the MBD. Aside from the MBD, Project ANGELS also organized volunteer doctors, faculty, and students for a yearly medical and dental mission (See Related Story: Angels in Green in Passion for Service, Ensuring Healthy Lives – Pines City Colleges (

PCC urges its stakeholders to be committed to and broaden their support of initiatives like MBD. Additionally, PCC motivates them to actively engage in all Project ANGELS activities and initiatives and develop into true “Angels” who are carriers of change, making genuine advancements that protect human life. #Adela Wayas

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