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PCC Senior High School Students Showcase Entrepreneurship Skills with a Successful Entrepreneurship Day

The senior high school students of Pines City Colleges held their Entrepreneurship Day by offering different mouthwatering meals, snacks, desserts, and beverages. The event, which spanned from April 18 as a trial to April 24–25 as the final event, was a resounding success. On the final event, the students relocated to the ground floor of the main building, where they captivated teachers, staff, fellow senior high school students, and college students with their delectable creations. The tantalizing aroma of chicken tofu sisig, the delightful texture of mochi, the refreshing flavors of milk tea, and the savory nachos enticed everyone to indulge in the students’ delicious culinary treats. 

The event featured the popular chicken tofu sisig, milk tea, mochi, and nachos, which received rave reviews. Building on their success, the students introduced new offerings on the second day, including siomai chao fan, milk tea, mochi, and nachos, expanding their menu and catering to a wider range of tastes. After the event, the Grade 11 students celebrated their achievements by enjoying their products together. This moment of camaraderie and shared success strengthened the bonds within the class and highlighted the fulfillment they found in their entrepreneurial activities. 

The Entrepreneurship Day at Pines City Colleges not only provided a platform for the students to showcase their culinary skills but also rendered valuable lessons in business management, customer service, and teamwork. #LOUISETINE JESSE C. TUTAAN (SHS)

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