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 PCC: A Summer Escapade: “VIGand FUNtastic Trip”

On April 8, 2024, the Pines City Colleges (PCC) Employee Relations Committee organized an exciting and memorable Summer Escapade titled “VIGand FUNtastic Trip” as an institutional event for all employees. This activity is a one-day trip to Ilocos Sur. If you want to learn more about this journey, prepare your imagination and get thrilled to visit Vigan!

At exactly 4 a.m., the PCC family set off for Vigan City with three busloads of employees ready for a summer adventure. They had their quick breakfast first at San Fernando La Union Jollibee, which also served as their first destination. The trip continued. After an hour, they arrived at the man-made forest in Bacnotan-Luna, La Union. It was an enchanting and relaxing place, and you could tell that the immense beauty of the place amazed of the employees.

The next destination was the Bato de Luna Art Gallery in Luna, La Union. This location has very unique stone sculptures and artworks, as well as a 3D art gallery and gift shop. This location is ideal for Instagram, so the employees took advantage of the opportunity to take photographs all of the gallery’s artworks. Despite the heat, you will be impressed by the location’s beautiful exhibits.

Lunch was at Santiago Cove Resort. To be energized and ready for the next destination on the tour, they must freshen up, fill their stomachs, and take a little break. The PCC staff appreciated their lunch because of the flavorful meals they had, and the expansive view of the beach at Santiago Cove was soothing.

After two hours of relaxation in Santiago Cove, the PCC family continued their summer vacation at the Baluarte Resort and Mini Zoo in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. You will observe a variety of animals in their Mini Zoo, and you may acquire knowledge from their gallery. This tour will not be complete without PCC employees experience and taking part in the talent event featuring Baluarte’s friendly animals. The PCC employees truly enjoyed the show.

Calle Crisologo in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, was the final destination of the trip, a cobblestoned street lined with Spanish-era buildings. Calle Crisologo is recognized as one of the Philippines’ heritage sites. This location features not just Spanish architecture but also souvenir shops and night market delicacies. To complete the fun and excitement, the employees witnessed the magnificent spectacle of the dancing fountain of Vigan City; the show brought smiles, unparalleled joy, and happiness to its employees.

This summer getaway is more than just a relaxing event for PCC employees; it is also an opportunity to show them that they are valued by the institution and that work-life balance is vital. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is not only important for mental and physical wellness, but it can also improve the employee’s productivity and, ultimately, performance. Additionally, engaging in this type of activity improves our mood, reduces tension and anger, makes us more active, and also allows us to form friendships with peers. #Collin Jaye Laguinday

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