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PCC Election for the New Supreme Student Council for the School Year 2024-2025

As the academic year drew to a close, Pines City Colleges geared up for one of its most significant events: the election of new officers for the Supreme Student Council (SSC). Scheduled to take place on April 26, this democratic process promises to shape the future of student leadership and representation within the institution.

Berdeng Anghel was the only party list who had the confidence to join the SSC election. This party list mission was to ensure good leadership, push academic excellence to fight social problems, and encourage democratic participation. Despite the uncontested status, each vote cast in support of Berdeng Anghel, showing how much students care about the democratic process.

As the date of the election approached, excitement and anticipation were palpable throughout the campus. Students were eager to exercise their right to vote and play an active role in shaping the future direction of their college community. The responsibilities of the Supreme Student Council extended far beyond the confines of the campus. They served as ambassadors of Pines City Colleges, representing the student body in various external engagements and initiatives. Through their leadership, they contributed to the college’s reputation and upheld its commitment to academic excellence and social responsibility.

Additionally, there was a unique twist to the process. Instead of traditional ballots, they were invited to use their smartphones to scan QR codes and vote via Google Forms. This modern approach aims to make work easier. Following their vote, students were treated to a delightful surprise—a complementary cup of coffee with bread. This kind gesture not only provided a moment of refreshment but also expressed gratitude for their participation.

After the tiring yet enjoyable election, the official result of the PCC Supreme Student Council 2024-2025 was also announced:

PRESIDENT: Vicente, Zhianela Rishun G. 

 VICE PRESIDENT: Barredo, Jhanina Aphrodite B. 

SECRETARY: Remiendo, Frances Ivory Q.

 Treasurer: Bongtiwon, Pinky Noreen B. 

AUDITOR: Humiwat, Carmen Gene G. 


Public Information Officer: Pekas, Nicole L. 

PEACE OFFICER: Lim, Nathaniel B. 

PEACE OFFICER: Padam-os, Dianamae A. 



This 2024-2025 Supreme Student Council election serves as an encouragement for the future generation of student leaders to be more involved and to always demonstrate leadership in the institution since you are carrying that position to be an influence not only within the institution but also throughout society. Good luck to the newly elected officers as they carry the torch of hope and inspiration. #Harley W. Valdez (PCC SUPREME STUDENT COUNCIL)

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