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PCC Hosts 9th Institutional Research Forum: Advancing Equitable Health Through Academic Inquiry

On April 26, 2024, Pines City Colleges (PCC) stood as a beacon of academic excellence and innovation as it hosted the 9th Institutional Research Forum. At the event titled “Promoting Equitable Health through Research: A Positive Impact for a Healthier Future,” Dr. Marian Grace A. Gascon, Vice President for Academic Affairs, emphasized in her opening and welcoming remarks that research is dynamic, allowing for more value-focused and reality-based innovations. This research forum enables students to be innovative and contribute to the field of study.

The forum, held at the PCC Open Grounds, ESBC Main Lobby, and PT-AVR, featured both poster and oral presentations, providing a comprehensive platform for intellectual exchange and scholarly discourse. Against the backdrop of the picturesque PCC Open Grounds, the poster presentation segment captivated attendees with its diverse array of research topics and findings. Among the standout presentations were those recognized for their exceptional contributions to the field of healthcare. The oral presentation segment also provided a platform for in-depth discussions and insightful revelations. It becomes evident that these PCC students transcend mere aspirations of becoming health workers; they represent the future of society. The researchers’ dedication to research is encouraging, and we can see that these discoveries will truly benefit people and society.

The 9th Institutional Research Forum at Pines City Colleges was not just a celebration of academic achievement; it stood as a testament to the institution’s unwavering commitment to advancing equitable health through rigorous research and innovation. Dr. Lany S. Paway, Research Director of PCC, emphasized that research outputs are not just stocked on library shelves; they are now being disseminated and utilized for policy and decision-making. The PCC community is encouraged to continue promoting equitable health through research.

9th Institutional Research Forum Results:

Securing the third spot in the poster presentation was a presenter from the College of Physical Therapy, who delved into “The Job Skills Contentment of Pines City Colleges’ Physical Therapy Alumni.” Following closely, the second place was claimed by a presenter from the College of Nursing, shedding light on “Related Factors on the E-cigarette Behavior Among Student Nurses of Pines City Colleges.” Ultimately, the first place was clinched by a presenter from the College of Respiratory Therapy, exploring the “Extent of Compliance of Employed Respiratory Therapists in Patient Care Before and During COVID-19 Pandemic in Baguio City.”

For the oral presentation the third place was a presenter from the College of Nursing, investigating “Personal Factors Affecting Licensure Examination Preparation of Graduating Nursing Students of Pines City Colleges Academic Year 2022-2023.” Earning the second place was a presenter from the College of Physical Therapy, examining the “Occurrence of the Signs and Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome among Graduating Students of Pines City Colleges.” The spotlight, however, shone brightest on another presenter from the College of Physical Therapy, whose research on “Sitting-induced Pain and Practices of Pines City Colleges Students” clinched the coveted first place. #Lynch Devin K. Saleng (Pines Shield-Pines City Colleges)

#Lynch Devin K. Saleng (Pines Shield-Pines City Colleges)

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