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PCC Enhances Nursing Competencies with Nursing Anne

As rapid technology changes, the practice of nursing progresses. This continuing development in learning technologies is also one of the evolving tools in nursing education. Learning nursing skills through the use of regular models to advanced learning technologies will help mold students into competent nurses in the future.

On December 13, 2023, Pines City Colleges (PCC) welcomed its new acquisition of one of the most advanced simulation mannequins that is believed to enhance the students’ nursing skills and boost their fidelity and competencies in performing basic to advanced nursing skills. PCC believes that Nursing Anne, an advanced nursing simulator, will support both students and the nursing faculty in high-quality simulation-based training. This will help them increase their simulation fidelity and prepare the students for their related learning experience when attending patients in hospitals. With its scenario-based manipulation, PCC will be able to provide the students with a wide variety of clinical training needed in their nursing education and necessary in attending patients in hospitals.

Nursing Anne

In the modern nursing environment, Nursing Anne is one of the most advanced mannequins that is built for nursing education, achieving high-quality simulation-based training. According to Laerdal, the manufacturer of Nursing Anne, the mannequin also allows multiple accessory modules to be added, including trauma, the NBC module, and bleeding control, for use in multiple settings. With Nursing Anne, nursing instructors can integrate simulation into their clinical training curriculums, helping the students make and correct their clinical errors without adverse consequences. The students will be able to develop their assessment skills and create proper solutions to ensure the life of a patient.

PCC students, in their first integration with Nursing Anne, commended the institution for providing them educational support that will help in their nursing education. “We want to thank the college for giving us the opportunity to experience a high-quality platform that will help our simulation fidelity. This is very beneficial as well for students in the lower years because they will experience realistic scenarios and cases with Nursing Anne before having their RLE in the hospitals,” said Crisabel Valdez, the President of the College of Nursing Society of Nursing Students. John Reve Loaod and Angelica Capones, 4th year nursing students, said, “Nursing Anne will provide us realistic scenarios and will help us with accurate clinical assessments of patients.” Students will realistically assess the patient, and the instructors can validate the assessment accurately using the system that Nursing Anne has, added Clefferson Passadillo.

NURSING COMPETENCIES WITH NURSING ANNE. Instructors and students of the College of Nursing were elated by the new learning technology at Pines City Colleges, hoping to achieve more realistic nursing practice and simulation fidelity with Nursing Anne.

As an allied health institution, PCC is committed to providing students with a quality education that will ripple to serving the community by addressing emerging health problems. PCC is devoted to integrating its core values into the practices of students in patient care and management. With Nursing Anne, PCC believes that students will progress and achieve the necessary skills as they prepare to become health professionals serving patients inside or outside the hospital.

Nursing Anne will be ready for the students and instructors to practice for their clinical training in the coming AY 2023-2024 semester. #Adela Wayas

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