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PCC Angels in Green Brings Joy to Children

Every year, Pines City Colleges (PCC) celebrates Christmas by giving back to the community. The administration and employees of PCC shared their blessings with indigent children through Christmas gift-giving and gatherings. Every PCC employee, referred to as an “Angel in Green”, had a chance to give gifts to a child.

On December 6, 2023, about 125 indigent children from Lucban Elementary School were gathered at PCC Covered Court for a simple yet memorable gathering that Angels in Green had prepared for them. The children were grouped into six colors, and each child was assisted by an “Angel in Green” as their benefactor. The Christmas gathering started with a prayer from one of the children, followed by opening remarks from Dr. Marian Grace Gascon, PCC’s Vice President for Academic Affairs. The children were enlivened with the exciting games prepared by the game master and supervised by PCC’s Senior High Department. The children’s laughter and joy conquered the corners of the covered court. The Angels in Green were also brought into the games, cheering and supporting the children. As the games ended, the Red team reigned, garnering the highest points. The winners of each game were given prizes.

A MOMENT OF FUN AND JOY: Children from Lucban Elementary School enjoyed the exciting games that captured their teamwork and camaraderie.

Later, the Angels in Green handed the gifts they prepared for the children. It was also a heartfelt moment they had just in time for Christmas. The Christmas gathering was a chance for them to integrate with the children, creating a memorable bond and connection of joy.

ANGELS IN GREEN. Employees of the Pines City Colleges shared their blessings by giving gifts to the children, a yearly tradition of giving back to the community.

Angels in Green

The Christmas gathering is an initiative of the PCC Community Engagement Services (CES) through its Project ANGELS. Through linkages and partnerships, CES extends its resources and services to the identified beneficiaries.

This year’s successful event was made possible by the Angels in Green, who were the management and employees of PCC, the College of Respiratory Therapy, the College of Nursing, the Faculty of the College of Dentistry, the Society of Nursing Students, Bachelor of Science in Nursing 1 to 7 students, Ms. Regie Sagadraca of Doctor of Dental Medicine, and Ms. Cherry Sereno.

The proceeds of the “A Glimpse of Asia” Variety Show of CES this year also contributed to this endeavor.

Mr. John Parayao, who assisted the children on the campus, and the Brigada Eskwela Coordinator of Lucban Elementary School read the commendation message from the school principal, Mrs. Helen Acop.

He added that this initiative of PCC and Project ANGELS would make, in a little way, a difference in the lives of the children.

As their way of showing appreciation, the children made hand-made Christmas cards for their Angels in Green. # Adela Wayas

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