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PCC – A Day of Compassion

In a heartwarming display of unity and compassion, the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center (BGHMC) in collaboration with the Pines City Colleges (PCC) Society of Nursing Students (SONS) together with Community Engagement Services’ Project ANGELS orchestrated a blood-letting event on December 1, 2023, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at the PCC Covered Court. The event, themed “Donate Blood and Save a Life,” not only welcomed Nursing students but also participants from various departments, staff, faculty, and beyond who voluntarily donated their blood for the cause.

The event was spearheaded by the BGHMC Blood Bank Organization Representative Dr. Aurelia Navarro, College of Nursing Dean Ms. Buna Racal, Project ANGELS Coordinator Ms. Rowena Acacio, and PCC SONS President Ms. Crisabel Valdez. Dr. Navarro delivered an inspiring message emphasizing the profound impact of a single blood donation, potentially saving up to five lives.

SAVING LIVES. Dr. Aurelia D. Navarro discussed the many remarkable benefits of participating in blood donation drives for student participants. Photo by Edroline Cosme, College of Nursing

The blood donation process, following a brief program, was efficiently managed by Dr. Aurelia Navarro and dedicated BGHMC staff nurses. Participants filled out forms and consented to the noble act of donating blood. Dr. Aurelia Navarro accompanied by alert and eager BGHMC staff nurses, Erick Ceazar L. Comtiag, May Ann P. Tandagen, Rhoda D. Panteria, Jhenie U. Robles, and Milford Umayat, who went on to prepare and made sure that all equipment was ready. Moreover, they were assisted by 4th year nursing students, accompanied by Ms. Cherry Sereño, the Year 1 and 2 Coordinator, and Dean Racal.

BLOOD DONATION PROCESS. The donor must undergo the screening phase where a profile form is filled up and consent to the blood donation followed by the health interviews, check, and blood typing for successful candidates. Photos by Edroline Cosme, College of Nursing

Before donation, they were guided to refrain from caffeine intake and encouraged to hydrate for a successful process during bloodletting activity. The screening process, conducted by the blood bank nurse, included a thorough health history interview and weight check, ensuring participants met the necessary criteria. Successful candidates proceeded to blood typing, a crucial step to determine compatibility with potential recipients.

After an interview and health assessment, participants willingly contributed to the blood donation throughout the day. While some students couldn’t meet the strict requirements, those who donated were guided by fourth-year student nurses on post-donation care, including dietary recommendations and health practices to promote healing and recovery.

Notably, the initiative saw a significant number of first-time blood donors. Ms. Chezzy Cayapat from the PCC-Red Cross Youth Council expressed surprise at the overwhelming student turnout and said, “The activity went smooth, we didn’t expect that there would be a lot of students willing to donate blood, especially from the freshmen.”

Mr. Harley Valdez, a Third Year Nursing student, shared his excitement about discovering his blood type for the first time. He shared, “It’s my first time giving blood which makes me nervous a little. But I am also excited because I also wanted to know what my blood type is.”

SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATE. A BGHMC staff nurse prepares the successful student candidate for blood extraction. Photo by Edroline Cosme, College of Nursing

SONS President Valdez highlighted the enduring impact of such activities on the school’s collaboration with healthcare institutions. She said, “This activity will help strengthen the collaboration of our school with other healthcare institutions, enabling students to participate in activities crucial for sustaining the city’s blood supply.” As the day concluded, the echoes of generosity and community spirit lingered, promising future endeavors to continue the tradition of giving for the greater good. 

SUCCESSFUL COLLABORATION. PCC College of Nursing Dean Ms. Buna Racal (right) and Community Engagement Services’ Project ANGELS Coordinator Ms. Rowena Acacio (center) together with BGHMC Blood Bank Organization Representative Dr. Aurelia Navarro. Photo by Edroline Cosme, College of Nursing

PCC, as an allied health institution, has been conducting blood donation drives through Project ANGELS which involves all college departments in this endeavor. Recently, PCC, through the College of Medical Laboratory Science signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Philippine Red Cross to be a source of blood donors through regular mobile blood donations. #Sieko Kyle K. Yaos, College of Nursing

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