Pines City Colleges

PCC Engaged Students in Fire Safety Education Through the School Firelympics

Last March 22, 2024, Pines City Colleges (PCC) along with PCC Disaster Control Group, National Service Training Program, Students Affairs and Services and Occupational Safety and Health hosted a Firelympics to engage students in fire safety education and promote awareness during Fire Awareness Month with the theme “Sa Pag-iwas sa sunog Hindi ka Nag-iisa”. The event consisted of three stations that students were required to complete in the shortest period of time to win points.

At the first station, participants were tasked to demonstrate their ability to effectively operate a fire hose. The second station focused on fire extinguisher training. Lastly, the third station challenged students to work together to safely evacuate an injured individual from a simulated emergency situation. Participants learned how to assess and stabilize a mock victim, as well as how to transport them using a stretcher in a coordinated and efficient manner.

At the end of the Firelympics competition, the results were disclosed to the participants. The College of Respiratory Therapy secured 6th place followed by the College of Dentistry and coming in fourth is the College of Medical Laboratory Science. Subsequently, the third place was awarded to the College of Pharmacy. The Senior High Department emerged as the winner with a time of 11.38 minutes whilst the College of Nursing was the first runner-up with a time of 11.53 minutes.

The Firelympics event at PCC provided students with a unique and immersive learning experience that combined practical skills training with valuable knowledge about fire safety and gained a deeper understanding of fire prevention strategies, emergency response protocols, and the importance of promoting a culture of safety within their communities. #Jemimah Tauli, Senior High School

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