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PCC College of Pharmacy Marks its 11th White Coat Ceremony

Inspired by the theme “Committing to Care and Compassion in Action,” many individuals witnessed Pines City Colleges (PCC) 3rd-year Pharmacy students being cloaked and plated on March 23, 2024, at the Pines City Doctors Hospital Amphitheater.

The White Coat ceremony starts their academic and professional careers as future pharmacists. Prepared OFPharm adviser, Ms. Mabel Joy M. Tagud, and the 2nd year pharmacy students, the ceremony ignites the passion of the students to serve outside the four walls of their classroom as their training and steppingstone in their field. Entering the amphitheater, one can see how important the event is as you bask in the gorgeously lit backdrop.     

The ceremony began with the students’ grand entrance alongside their parents followed by the faculty and dean of the college, with the VP for Academics and guests. Mrs. Michelle Onoza warmly welcomed the attendees, setting a positive tone for the ceremony. She presented the inductees with their first challenge: to embrace the roles and responsibilities that come with their white coats and urged the inductees to remain engaged, proactive, and willing to go the extra mile as they embark on their professional journeys. By accepting their white coats, she emphasized, they are committing to an active and ongoing involvement in the pharmacy profession.

Dr. Marian Gascon, PCC Vice President for Academic Affairs, shared experiences from ‘way back ago’ when her white coat came in useful. The students listened eagerly as they realized the true importance of wearing their white coats and the ways this can serve as proof of their well-earned hardships.  Mrs. Faith Vanesa Kiat-ong, representing the Philippine Pharmacists Association, imparted valuable insights in her address. Her words deeply resonated with the aspiring pharmacists, reinforcing the significance of their chosen field. She urged the inductees to always remember their roots, expressing gratitude towards their families and mentors.

Mrs. Kiat-ong also emphasized the importance of treating patients with empathy and providing the care they deserve. She encouraged the inductees to advocate for the voiceless and to wear their white coats as symbols of hope. Lastly, a video message from PACOP President Dr. Ma. Fay Nenette Cariaga was featured during the white coat ceremony. She spoke about the profound symbolism of the event, noting that the donning of the white coat signifies the inductees’ readiness to enter the pharmacy profession. Dr. Cariaga highlighted the crucial role of the B.S. Pharmacy Program Outcomes in shaping their future. She acknowledged that the journey ahead is long and encouraged the inductees to continually strive for more, to give generously, and to remain sincere. She advised them to persist in learning and to maintain a willingness to learn, which will keep them humble and grounded. Finally, this milestone was within their reach as they shed tears of gratitude to their parents and guardians who assisted them in donning the coats handed over by Dean Dianne D. Consolacion. A golden core memory was formed as everyone watched the students cheer for each other while being awarded their golden nameplates by Ms. Marie Julienne M. Astudillo Then, Ms. Grace Bayeng, led the newly coated and plated students in their Pharmacy Oath taking.

Being reminded that the students show grace to the people supporting them on their path to success, a video tribute for the parents played. In this were past photos of the students with their parents or guardians, who stood by them until this very day. This was followed by a distribution of gifts made for all parents, alongside hugs and tears of gratitude. Dean Dianne Consolacion, in her closing remarks, emphasized the significance of the white coat as more than just a garment, it represents a lifelong commitment to excellence and compassion. Today marked an important moment in the students’ careers, as they will finally venture outside of their comfort zones. As they work together with professionals, may they uphold the pledge they have taken and incorporate the ceremony’s theme and the PCC fundamental principles into every part of their contribution to the field, making their parents, families, Pharmily, and the institution proud.

Congratulations and Viva! #OFPharm

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