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PCC Celebrates Year-End Gathering, Welcomes 2024

The Pines City Colleges (PCC) will open the second semester of the academic year 2023-2024 on the 15th of January with a warm welcome in the year of the Wood Dragon. The enrollment will start on January 8–12.

PCC’s perspective this year continues to carry the core values of the institution in advancing its vision, mission, and objectives as an Allied Health institution in the Cordilleras, providing quality education and services to the public. As part of its sustainable development as an education institution, PCC seeks to continue improving its facilities and learning technologies for students, teachers, and non-teaching personnel. The College of Nursing, for instance, welcomed the acquisition of its new simulation mannequin, Nursing Anne, that will be available for the students to utilize this second semester (see Related Article). PCC will continue to improve the academic competencies of the students. And as face-to-face classes are fully implemented on campus, more activities will be expected. Students will also be developed in various activities that will strengthen their camaraderie, squeeze their creativity, and discover their passion for community services.
This year, PCC will also embark on another milestone with its upcoming 55th Foundation Days. It calls on the students, employees, and community to strive more toward co-creating equitable health for everyone and contributing to a healthier future.

Closing 2023
Much has been done in 2023, and employees of PCC once again gathered to celebrate the achievements and blessings that the institution received within the year. The colleges, together with the students, also organized their own Christmas celebration with identified beneficiaries. Dubbed Angels in Green, the employees of PCC celebrated Christmas with the community through gift-giving and a party (see Related Story).
Held on December 7, 2023, at the Hotel Elizabeth, the employees were filled with joy and love with the year-end gathering, described as a merry and bubbly polka-dot Christmas party. The gathering consolidated and strengthened the togetherness of the employees as they also celebrated Christmas. Exciting games and surprises geared up the employees. They also performed karaoke-style songs, skits, and dances that enlivened the gathering. With appreciation, PCC also distributed gifts through raffles and exchanged gifts.

PCC welcomes 2024 with more positive perspectives, locally and globally. Happy new year! # Adela Wayas

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