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Loyalty: Pines City Colleges Honors Employees’ Faithful Service

Pines City Colleges had its fair share of challenges and victories in its 53 years of service. In the different seasons that the college went through, it remains faithful to its philosophy– to bring holistic education that brings desirable changes to its learners. In achieving set goals, teaching and non-teaching employees must be diligent and committed to bringing about beneficial changes.


The 6th of October held at the Diamond Hall-Supreme Hotel, Baguio City, marked the day of the employee banquet and recognition of service awardees for their dedication to the institution. 125 PCC employees from different departments of teaching and non-teaching enjoyed the celebration. The hosts Mr. Lance Jasper M. Cabutaje and Mr. Chisum C. Indalos led the participants in the event.


To formally open, VPAA, Dr. Marian Grace A. Gascon welcomed the participants: VPA, Ms. Ma. Regina S. Prats; Deans and Department Heads of the different colleges, faculty members, non-teaching staff, and the awardees for the occasion. Dr. Gascon expressed her gratitude for the faithfulness and loyalty of the conferees, ” We are so happy and proud of you, for all your accomplishments and services. You are an inspiration to us. All your talents and efforts helped many successes and the sustainability of the school as a whole. Together with the Pines City Colleges family, we take pride in your accomplishments and commitment.”


Each of the participants graced the stage as their presence and service were recognized.

5 years of service:
Ms. Krystle Molly L. Paliuanan- Coordinator, Academic Development & Assessment Center
Ms. Maria Jenyy F. Oppod- Coordinator, Senior High School

10 years of service:
Ms. Kristel Nolle M. Abubo- Marketing Staff, Martketing DepartmentMr. Jayson P. Belino- Head, Student Affairs and Guidance Office
Ms. Mary Ann V. Ico- Bookkeeper, Accounting Office

20 years of service:
Ms. Rowena T. Acacio- Faculty, General Education Department
Mr. Joseph Charles C. – Dean, College of Dentistry
Ms. Christina D. Lumbiyan- Maintenance Staff, Maintenance

25 years of service:
Mr. Jose I. Walitang- Faculty, College of Physical Therapy

30 years of service:
Cecilla L. Cabanilla- Head, General Education Department

After receiving awards, Ms. Robbea Laurice B. Pacursa from the Nursing Department serenaded the hall. The employees took the chance to ask the conferees to dance in front. To add to the energy, a popular Igorot song entitled ‘Sisiwit’ made everyone stand as they join the community dance.


Twenty-five-year service awardee Mr. Walitang expressed his gratitude to Pines City Colleges as he reminisced his journey in the institution. He told humbling stories about students who decided to enroll in PCC because of the medical missions he joined. He did not forget to thank the late Chancellor, Dr. Nimia R. Concepcion, and former College of Rehabilitation Science Dean, Dr. Romeo Abiog, for welcoming him to the institution in his early years of teaching. He also commended the past and present school administrators. “Thank you for helping me grow, both as a person and as a professional. PCC has taught me to love the teaching profession with all its perks, duties, and responsibilities; the joys and the sorrows that come with it.”


As a 35-year service awardee, Ms. Cabanilla was thankful for the blessings of life, family, and the Pines City Colleges. She also acknowledged the PCC president Ms. Rocio P. Baltao, the VPA, Ma. Regina S. Prats, VPAA, Dr. Marian Grace A. Gascon, and the General Education department. “Indeed, my strength comes from a mission to move from big-teacher-job duties to daily tasks for the past 35 years at Pines City Colleges. I am indebted to everyone for the reason that you were able to make my stay at PCC more enjoyable.”


A journal with a bookmark was given as a token to each employee who was present during the banquet. Meanwhile, Ms. Christallyn Anne S. Martinez from the Guidance Office and Mr. Jayson Belino, Head of SAGSO, rendered songs that kept the participants entertained.


For the closing, Ms. Prats held the mic. In her witty speech, she motivated the PCC employees with lessons from the word ‘Thrive’. She encouraged the listeners to be positive, brave, resilient, motivated, curious, connected and thriving. She appreciated everyone’s contribution to the college, “Pines City Colleges will not have survived without each of you.”


After 2 years of constraints and trials brought by the pandemic, Pines City Colleges has once again reached another summit. The institution will continue to serve, expand its horizon, and thrive to be the best in what they do.

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