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56th Capping and Pinning for PCC’s College of Nursing

On the 29th of October began a new journey for the 95 sophomores and 27 juniors of the College of Nursing as the 56th Capping, Pinning, and Candle Lighting Ceremony commenced at the PCDH Amphitheater. For the ceremony’s blessing and thanksgiving, Rev. Fr. John Pardou T. Umaking led the Eucharistic Celebration at the beginning of the event.


For the welcoming remarks, VPAA, Dr. Marian Grace A. Gascon recognized the presence of the participants in the event: Guest speaker, Ms. Zenaida Torio Itchon; VPA, Ms. Ma. Regina S. Prats; Dean of the College of Nursing (CON), Ms. Buna B. Racal, coordinators, class advisers, faculty, parents, and students. In her speech, Dr. Gascon highlighted the effort and dedication of nurses in their chosen profession as they are the ones assisting no matter what the circumstances are. Additionally, the VPAA gave the significance of the ceremony as the entry to the nursing field. For the female, a cap is received in a kneeling position as a sign of humility and modesty. In connection, she also gave an acronym for the word cap—Christ Above the Person. As for the male, a pin is given and placed close to their heart as a representation of the unending love of care for the sick. The lamp is a symbol of what the Mother of all nurses—Florence Nightingale—carried while she was caring for wounded soldiers in field hospitals. The candle implies radiance and hope for all. Dr. Gascon encouraged the parents to support their child, “Let our unique Filipino care and concern in serving the sick be our outstanding trademark as the number one recommended global nurses of all time. It is pride, joy, and security to have a nurse in the family.”

Introduced by the CON Dean, the guest speaker, Ms. Itchon, graced the stage as she shared an inspirational message with the sophomores. As one of the first batch of Nursing graduates of the Pines City Doctors Hospital School of Nursing and having a extensive experience in the field, she explained the current state of the nursing profession globally and locally, she continued as she motivated the students, “From here on you will also face your own battles and you’ll experience a series of doubts and uncertainties but fear not as you have this institution—the Pines City Colleges’ College of Nursing—who will help you and mold you, not only in the Philippines but around the whole world. And once you are out there taking your own path, always remember that you are important and that you bring life into the world. To my dear future RNs wherever you are right now, you are in the right place. Do not be discouraged by anything that comes your way. Reach for that dream and wear the cap as it is a symbol of a bright future. Be brave, have a strong mind and heart, and do not give up.”


The most awaited part of the event proceeded, Mr. Chisum C. Indalos presented the candidates for the ceremony. The students stood as they lined up to receive their caps, pins, and lamp. Ms. Milrose D. Empizo led the Nightingale’s Pledge while Ms. May Joy S. Areola headed the Nurse’s prayer. Afterward, the students sang the Capping and Pinning song. For the closing, Ms. Racal gave a speech. She reiterated, “We hope that you embody the symbol of what you were able to receive, and at the same time the pledge that you made for the day; that would be your drive as you practice your profession by the time you move out of this institution.”


Indeed, there is a bright future waiting each of the students. A rigorous but hopeful journey is yet to be discovered.

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