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PCC’s Student Leaders Prime for AY 2022-2023

Pines City Colleges (PCC) continues to thrive as the new student leaders and organizations kick off the AY 2022-2023. Held at the PCC Physical Therapy- Audio Visual Room (PT-AVR), the Students Affairs and Guidance Services Office (SAGSO) headed by Mr. Jayson P. Belino, ushered the new sets of student leaders from various colleges. With the difficulties of the education sector during the first days of online learning, Mr. Belino
congratulated the leaders for their persistence to serve the student body.


The Head discussed the SAGSO’s policies and rules for compliance. He encouraged the students to observe the regulations of applying for an organization’s accreditation. Mr. Belino reiterated, “Student organizations are not just a part of a college, it is very important–you need to take it seriously. As student leaders, your simple decision can affect not just your group but the studentry and the institution itself.”

Meanwhile, the election for the new set of student leaders for the Supreme Student Council (SSC) took place. Officers from different college organizations vigorously took the opportunity to practice suffrage.

SSC placed its new active officers for AY 2022-2023. The following students took the oath to serve the studentry:

President: Lynch Devin Saleng (College of Medical Laboratory
Vice President: Enid Hope Maxigne Pinay-an (College of Respiratory
Secretary: Florian Layugan (College of Pharmacy)
Assistant Secretary: Glaisa Mangibin (College of Pharmacy)
Treasurer: Jhon Brail Bosngon (College of Dentistry)
Assistant Treasurer: Shyeanne Andrea Llanes (College of Medical Laboratory Science)
Auditor: Trecia Accibal (College of Pharmacy)
Business Manager:
1. Herec Gran Padonga (College of Medical Laboratory Science)
2. John Reve Laoad (College of Nursing)
Public Information Officer: Hallea Kate Viray (College of Physical Therapy)
Peace Officer: Nixson Wallace (College of Respiratory Therapy)

The assembly ended with the new SSC president’s brief objectives for the coming academic months. Mr. Saleng plans to start a reach-out event that applies the skills and learnings of the PCC students and creates programs that will help people who are highly affected by the pandemic. He also added that the cultural aspects of PCC students must have their presence. Lastly, Mr. Saleng aims to take part in helping the environment by applying what he learned through his experiences in his previous organizations. Through these plans, he hopes that the students can cultivate the core values of the institution: passion, integrity, nurturance, excellence, and service to the students.

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