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PCC: College of Respiratory Therapy Celebrated Respiratory Care Week

For a long time, Respiratory Therapists have contributed to the health and wellness of people, especially patients who are suffering from breathing difficulties. It cannot be denied that respiratory therapists, as with all healthcare professionals, should be given recognition for their hard work and dedication.

Pines City Colleges’ College of Respiratory Therapy celebrated its annual Respiratory Care Week. The event aimed to give awareness on the relevance of lung and respiratory protection and the recognition of professionals in the occupation. From November 14 to November 18 the week-long celebration was packed with fun games and activities that surely sparked teamwork, knowledge, and creativity among the students.

With the theme “House of Cards”, they divided the studentry in groups of Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, and Spades. Each house must compete to win and receive awards. Some highlights of the week were the Amazing Race where the students worked together and tested their knowledge to accomplish tasks in order to reach the finish line. Another activity was the Mannequin Challenge. Students must think of the best scenes depicting hospital scenarios where respiratory professionals are called to respond.

Before the event ended, the college held an acquaintance party and awarding. Participants wore their best outfits and sat with their team mates. For the message, VPAA, Dr. Marian Grace A. Gascon, shared her experiences when she was a student. Dr. Gascon gave lessons about persevering and continuing even when there are circumstances that will challenge one’s dedication to the program. 


Just like lungs needing air to function, the week-long celebration once again reminded everyone that Respiratory Therapy will always be needed in the health industry. The College of Respiratory Therapy continues to produce competent and caring therapists who bring much-needed care to the patients.

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