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PCC Recognizes Employees’ Loyalty and Service

As Pines City Colleges continues to grow as a strong and high-quality educational institution, it also recognizes and appreciates the loyalty and service of its employees, which has made its success possible.

SERVICE AWARDEES. PCC Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Marian Grace Gascon (far left) and Vice President for Administration (far right) led the recognition of this year’s Service Awards to Mr. Wilbert Catimo, Ms. Joy Sib-aten, Ms. Laarni Cabutaje, Ms. Evelyn Dulatre, Ms. Lany Paway, Ms. Generosa Doria and Mr. Alban Besa-ang (from left to right).

On October 5, 2023, at Opal Hall, Hotel Supreme in Baguio City, PCC concluded its 54th Foundation Anniversary with a Service Award and Employee Fellowship gathering. The event was held to recognize seven of its employees’ tireless efforts and unwavering commitment.

The employees who received recognition for their five years of service were not too old but also not too young in their respective fields and specializations. The awardees include Mr. Alban Besa-ang from the Maintenance Department, Mr. Wilbert Catimo from the Student Affairs and Services, Ms. Generosa Doria from the Maintenance Department, and Ms. Joy Sib-aten from the Senior High Department.

Dr. Lanie Paway has been an exceptional research coordinator and instructor at PCC for 10 years, contributing to the development and improvement of both the research department and the student experience.

Lastly, the other two employees who were recognized for their two decades in PCC were Ms. Laarni Cabutaje and Ms. Evelyn Dulatre.

Ms. Cabutaje has served for 20 years at the PCC Maintenance Department, which has been the primary source of income for her family. She is grateful that her job allows her to provide for her children’s education. In her heartfelt message, she said that steadfast dedication to her job has been instrumental in helping her son graduate and eventually become an instructor at PCC.

Meanwhile, Ms. Dulatre has devoted her career to teaching students. She currently teaches both high school and college students in the Senior High Department. Ms. Dulatre generously shares her knowledge and skills with her students, making her a valuable member of the faculty. As she received her award, Ms. Dulatre read her poem entitled “Salamat PCC”.

The seven service awardees were honored with a recognition plaque, certificate, flowers, and cash incentives each for their outstanding service.

EMPLOYEE FELOWSHIP. Aside from the recognition, PCC employees had the opportunity to socialize and build relationships with each other fostering companionship and fellowship.

Kudos for a job well done! #Adela Wayas

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