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PCC Celebrates 54 Years of Service in Allied Health Education

Pines City Colleges has overcome challenges, becoming a strong institution committed to providing quality education for future health practitioners. PCC continues to serve as an instrument for students to achieve their dream professions in the allied health field and to create a healthier future for all.

The PCC community recently celebrated its 54th Foundation Anniversary, which opened on October 3rd, in recognition of its commitments and services. The event saw active participation from PCC’s students, instructors, and non-teaching staff in various competitions and events that fostered intelligence, creativity, and friendship among them.

The three-day celebration began with a Eucharistic Mass followed by the trade fair opened with participation from various student organizations at PCC. Each organization had its booth set up with food stalls, non-food products, and games. Fun and camaraderie among students were observed as the student organizations developed their cooperation and financial management skills through the trade fair. The students also showed creativity in their food presentation and in marketing their products.

FOUNDATION TRADE FAIR. Different student organizations promoted camaraderie during PCC’s 54th Foundation Anniversary.

The Literary and Music Competitions (LitMus), including Extemporaneous Speech, Spoken Poetry, and Quiz Bee, showcased the students’ artistic abilities in communication, delivery, and intelligence. The college exhibit was an opportunity for students to develop their skills, showcase their talents, and celebrate their achievements. The audience was captured by the amazing voices and extraordinary dance moves in the singing and dancing competitions. The competitions continued with charcoal painting, essay writing, and vlog competitions.

FOUNDATION ANNIVERSARY. Talented students of PCC shone in a range of exciting collegiate competitions during the foundation celebration.

A showcase of the history of the PCC was also opened for public viewing in the ESBC Main Building Lobby. Furthermore, each college department featured its courses and outputs with creative themes, highlighting their achievements and demonstrating their creativity.

What’s equally impressive is the PCC community’s unwavering commitment to public health. During the foundation event, students, college departments, and the PCC Angels in Green collaborated to successfully conduct an on-campus medical and dental mission. Additionally, the Community Engagement Services (CES) organized a Variety Show for a Cause, where instructors, deans, and non-teaching personnel showcased their talents. The proceeds of the show will be used to support the projects and activities of CES.

A GLIMPSE OF ASIA. Deans, instructors, and non-teaching employees also showed off their talents for the Variety Show for a Cause organized by the Community Engagement Services.

The foundation celebration ended with a fellowship recognizing employees who served for years and decades at PCC. Awarded with a recognition plaque and certificate, a bouquet of flowers, and cash incentives were Mr. Alban Besa-ang, Mr. Wilbert Catimo, Ms. Generosa Doria, Ms. Joy Sib-aten, Ms. Lany Paway, Ms. Laarni Cabutaje and Ms. Evelyn Dulatre. #Adela Wayas

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