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Stories of Learning through Libraries Recognized

In every place we go, there are stories penned in the chapters of our own book. These stories are the experiences we had from every second to minute to hour to day, and so on, of our lives. Whether significant or not, these stories remain a part of our book of life.

Thus, in celebration of the 33rd National Library and Information Services Month, the Library and Information Services of Pines City Colleges (PCC-LIS) recognized the stories of its students reflecting their experiences at the library with the theme Read, Reread, and Relive. The students wrote essays about their stories of journeys, inspiration, unexpected life-changing moments, and transformations they had experienced while visiting or reading books at the library.

On November 15, the LIS, through Ms. Febe Carreon, PCC Chief Librarian, announced the three essays that were chosen. The winners of the essay writing contest are:

STORIES UNFOLDED. (From left to right) Ms. Aera Khate Pedro, Ms. Agatha Zita Distor, and Ms. Zhianela Rishun Vicente are the Top 3 winners of the Essay Writing Contest. Mr. Aerhofre Ford Libag received a special award.

First Place: Aera Khate A. Pedro (College of Nursing)

Second Place: Agatha Zita Distor (College of Respiratory Therapy)

Third Place: Zhianela Rishun Vicente (College of Pharmacy)

Aerhofre Ford Libag, also from the College of Nursing, received the special award for Most Liked and Loved Essay.

Aside from the awarding of these inspiring stories, the LIS also recognized, through the Library Awards, students and faculty members who were actively utilizing the library in the first quarter of the 2023-2024 academic year:

LIBRARY AWARDS. Ms. Milca Jaas Ayongchi and class instructor Mr. Rudy Bunzo Jr. received their certificates and tokens from the LIS for making use of the library resources for their educational interest and support.

First Library User:

  • Student Category – Ms. Milcah Jaas Ayongchi (College of Medical Laboratory Science)
  • Faculty Category – Mr. Rudy Bunzo Jr. (College of Nursing)

Top Library User:

  • Student Category – Ms. Xia Gonzales (College of Pharmacy) and Seiko Kyle Yaos (College of Nursing)
  • Faculty Category – Dr. Minda Meimban (College of Nursing) and Evangeline Fuentes (College of Nursing)
BOOKWORMS. Knowledge is not only acquired through verbal teaching; some are written in books. (From left to right) Ms. Xia Gonzales, Seiko Kyle Yaos, Dr. Minda Meimban, and Ms. Evangeline Fuentes are our library geeks for the first quarter of the Academic Year.

Amidst the information overload on the internet, the LIS encourages students and faculty members to visit and utilize the books at the PCC Library for their education. With the wealth of books available and just like the stories the students have shared, learning, empowering, and transforming society through libraries is possible.# Adela Wayas

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