Pines City Colleges

Save the Earth at Barangay Pucsusan: A Tree Planting Activity

On May 31, 2024, Pines City Colleges, Community Engagement Services (CES), Project ANGELS, and PCC Commission on Higher Education (CHED) scholars organized a tree-planting program in Barangay Pucsusan. The planted seedlings were fruit-bearing trees native to the area. This activity was held to commemorate the 30th anniversary of CHED, fall under the Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Communities, Climate Action, and Life on Land), as well as the implementation of Project Scholars and Grant Beneficiaries’ Action in Greening Initiative Program (SAGIP).

The project SAGIP teaches scholars how to raise ecological consciousness and promote environmental rehabilitation. Through this effort, scholars, grantees, and diverse stakeholders from the region’s higher education institutions are encouraged to be environmental restoration advocates by planting trees. This activity has a significant influence on communities because it shows them how to conserve the environment, with a particular emphasis on sustainable forest management, stopping and reversing land and natural habitat deterioration, successfully combating desertification, and reducing biodiversity loss. The SAGIP project emphasizes the need for environmental preservation for future generations. #Collin Jaye Laguinday

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