Pines City Colleges

Pines City Colleges Celebrates its 53rd Founding Anniversary

Pines City Colleges continues to celebrate the meaning of perseverance and commitment. As a competent institution that continues to thrive, PCC chooses to push through and continue its duty to educate and train young minds.

The anticipation for PCC’s 53rd founding anniversary is finally over. After 2 years of online classes and events, this year’s anniversary was unforgettable. At last, students, teachers, and employees greeted each other face-to-face with happiness shining in everyone’s eyes.

The 4-day celebration was overflowing with exciting activities that sparked creativity and camaraderie. Students from different colleges geared up to compete for the Fair Booths, Bulletin Board, Singing and Dance Competition, Extemporaneous Speech and Spoken Poetry, Sports Event, Quiz Bee, Poster Making, and Bulletin Board Design.

Additionally, PCC stands with its vision to respond to local and global needs with its medical mission where all the departments and colleges volunteered to render service. Beneficiaries from Lucban Elementary School and Magsaysay Private Rd. Barangay enjoyed free check-ups, assessments, vitamins, COVID-19 Vaccination, and a feeding program. The institution also had a partnership with the Red Cross for a bloodletting activity. On the last day of the foundation celebration, the loyalty and dedication of PCC employees were honored in the Recognition of Service Awardees and Employees Banquet.

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