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PCC Alumni Topnotchers Receives Recognition from the City

From the past years up to the present, Pines City Colleges has never failed to teach and train its students to be knowledgeable and proficient in the allied health field. Embodying its commitment to excellence, PCC once again topped the Respiratory Licensure Examination last February with a 100% passing rate among first takers. On the 28th of the same month, the 4th placer, Ms. Desiery K. Antonio; the 5th placer, Jemmlee E. Malado; and the 8th placer, Ms. Kristine Joy D. Aloste, along with their coordinator and mentor, Ms. Rinaliza P. Bogsulen, received the city government’s recognition.

When asked about their source of motivation and support, the topnotchers didn’t miss to thank their family and friends, who became their supply of enjoyment, inspiration, strength, and endurance along the process. They also gave credit to their alma mater. Ms. Antonio said that it was six great years of learning, as the school had become her home since she was in the 11th grade. She added that PCC truly upholds its mission and vision. Mr. Malado answered that the school had given them opportunities that had sustained their success. Ms. Aloste stated, “Graduates were given the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed, and it has been the home for professionals who are globally competitive.”

Moving on, having experienced being a student taking a Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy course, the three gave advice to students who are planning to take the same program. For Ms. Aloste, taking RT was an exhausting and difficult journey, which was why she encouraged having the highest ethical and academic standards. She also left her ‘ultimate’ study hack: “Always try to comprehend and don’t accept anything less than your absolute best, improve your understanding by going deeper rather than only memorizing.” On the other hand, Mr. Malado advised that it will be a tough ride, but the load can be lightened by working hard and being patient, for in the end the rewards will be worth the effort. Lastly, Ms. Antonio itirated, “Do not settle for less; pride yourself in the name you hold and the career you would pursue; prepare yourself for the perilous journey, for only the courageous, determined, and passionate will reach the mountain top.

Now, the three are looking forward to joining the ranks of allied health professionals, where they can finally apply all their learning. In addition, they will be pursuing further studies.

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