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Feb-Ibig: A Sweet Surprise for the PCC Employees

Valentine’s Day is typically celebrated in school with students participating in fun activities, but at Pines City Colleges, love exists in all areas of the institution. The human resources department of Pines City Colleges prepared a delightful surprise for its employees on Thursday, February 15, 2024, believing that this will fully embody the spirit of Love Month. While many of us believe that Valentine’s Day is simply about surprising our loved ones with flowers and chocolates, Pines City Colleges considers Valentine’s Day an opportunity to demonstrate gratitude and kindness to individuals in our community.

Given the simple yet heartfelt gifts and a bounty of food, it is impossible to deny how much the PCC Human Resources department’s surprise delighted the employees. It is true that when we make small and thoughtful gestures, they indeed bring immense joy and have a powerful impact. A delightful surprise really brightened the day for the employees.         

The sweet surprise will not end there, as the PCC Human Resources Department has arranged a competition for the staff. Employees will exchange Cheezy pick-up lines with one another to express gratitude and foster camaraderie, and the employee that stands out will win and receive a prize.

It was a fun competition for the PCC employees because the competition also allowed them to show their creative and funny sides. Here are some entries for Cheesy Pick-Up Lines:

Sender: SB

“Kung ako naging Jowa mo, jingle bells lang ang pahinga mo.”

Recipient: Ms. Dianne D. Consolacion

“If you were a vegetable, you are a “cute” cucumber.”

Sender: Ms. Mary Ann V. Ico

“Sweldo ka ba? Kaytagal kitang hinintay ang bilis mo lang nawala.”

Recipient: Ms. Roslyn A. Gascon

“Pay slip ka ba? Kasi dun lang kita nakikita.”

Sender: Ms. Daisy I. Tarapen

“Kape ka ba?”

Recipient: Ms. Luisa D. Botegan


Sender: Ms. Daisy I. Tarapen

“Because I like the way you “Experreso” yourself.”

Recipient: Ms. Luisa D. Botegan

“Ag pakape Kan garud”

Throughout the competition, PCC Human Resources employees began to choose which employees provided a creative pick-up line. The winning entries for the Cheezy pick-up lines include:

Sender: Ms. Angela Fae Laoyan (Accounting Department)

“Lala Cheque ka ba?”

Recipient: Ms. Angela Garcia (Accounting Department)


Sender: Ms. Angela Fae Laoyan (Accounting Department)

“Kasi hindi kita Kayang ipagpalit kahit ma stale ka pa.”

Recipient: Ms. Angela Garcia (Accounting Department)

“Oo naman, kahit ipagpalit mo man ako, tatalbog akong pabalik sayo.

Sender: Ms. Helen A. Palome (College of Nursing)

“Ikaw ang tagalinis at tagaayos ng magulo Kong mundo.”

Recipient: Ms. Generosa M. Doria (Maintenance Department)

“Araw araw akong babangon, Umaga, tanghali at hapon, mga Kalat mo aking itatapon.”

#Collin Jaye Laguinday

Winners: Ms. Angela Fae Laoyan (Accounting Department), Ms. Angela Garcia (Accounting Department), Ms. Helen A. Palome (College of Nursing), Ms. Generosa M. Doria (Maintenance Department)

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