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Doctor of Medicine

Transform Lives with Excellence: Pursue Your Doctor of Medicine Degree Today!

School of Medicine

The Pines City Colleges’ School of Medicine aims for a World Health Organization Physician to address the Universal Healthcare Act
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Doctor of Dental Medicine

Transform Your Future with the Doctor of Dental Medicine Program! Elevate Your Career in Dentistry with our expert Faculty.

College of Dentistry

“We are committed to provide excellent programs in dental education that prepare students to become professionally and globally competitive. We provide our students with pure intellectual excitement of learning, couples with real life problem-solving opportunities. PCC College of Dentistry helps students mature and develop leadership skills, self sufficiency, and self discipline. We provide tangible opportunities for intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical development.”
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Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science

Unlock Your Future in Healthcare with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science

College of Medical Laboratory Science

“We enhance our students’ skills. We play a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis, progress, preventions, and treatment of diseases. Also, we develop our students’ knowledge, attitude, and skills in the performance of clinical laboratory procedures.”
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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Discover Your Path to Success in Nursing Today!

College of Nursing

“The college develops nursing students to be competent and globally competitive. It envisions producing nurses who are committed, caring, and critically thinking professionals by providing quality education. The college believes in a continuous learning to achieve excellent performance and to develop strong linkage and partnership with other learning institution for growth.”
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Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

Gain In-Demand Skills and Expertise with Our Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Program!

College of Pharmacy

The College of Pharmacy develops and equips the students with the knowledge, skills, and values needed in the various fields of pharmacy practice namely: Academe, community, hospital, industry, regulatory, research, and other fields where technical pharmaceutical expertise is required.
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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy

Unlock Your Potential with Our Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy Program - Elevate Your Career Today!

College of Physical Therapy

“The College of Physical Therapy is geared toward the optimal development of students both personally and professionally. We are a proficiency-based center of learning in the field of rehabilitation sciences and we develop Physical Therapists who are humane, proficient and globally competent in the delivery of Physical Therapy and rehabilitation science services. In addition to the program, the department also provides revalidation examination with rationalization to help prepare the students for their board examination.”
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Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy

Unlock Your Future in Healthcare with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science

College of Respiratory Therapy

“We at the College of Respiratory Therapy envision having an excellent and modern technology-based institution capable of producing nationally and internationally competitive respiratory therapists. Coupled with our vision is our commitment to producr respiratory herapists who are humane and scientifically competent in the delivery of cost-effective respiratory care services. Respiratory Therapy is a highly specialized allied health program that offers great challenge and a highly rewarding career.”
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Senior High School

Enroll in our Senior High School Academic Program for Excellence and Growth! Elevate your future with top-notch education and personalized guidance.

Senior High School Department


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
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