Pines City Colleges

Community Engagement Services


Pines City Colleges (PCC) considers service to be an integral part of its mission. It is the aim of the school that all staff, faculty, and students will incorporate community service in their professional and personal lives. Hence, the Engagement Services Office formulated the institution’s community service roadmap through Project ANGELS. Being itself, the Angel is a bundle of God’s ever-present love and grace. 

An Angel has been created to serve, love, hold, and support those to whom it is assigned. According to Stellar, Angels are the essence of love and service. A Guardian Angel is a being that is dedicated to serving and helping. Project ANGELS will define the direction of the community engagement program of PCC.


    Project ANGELS stands for

         Advocacies in

         Networking and Linkages

         Green and Clean Environment

         Education and Health 

         Livelihood and

         Socio-civic activities


PCC staff, faculty, and students will then be called  “Angels in Green” since the official color of PCC is green. It is hoped that through this project, the institution will continue working to expand and strengthen the community services program that will cater to the needs of the community.

The community engagement programs of PCC will not just focus on one or two needs but rather on the holistic needs of the community such as a green and clean environment, education, health, and livelihood. The program will be wrapped up into one and will be called Project ANGELS.


The engagement services office of PCC will fulfill its mission with a commitment to promote the connection between academic learning and community service. It is committed to embedding in the culture of PCC the passion for service, that service is inherent to any profession, and together with success is the responsibility to reach out, to share the knowledge, time, skill, and resources to mankind, especially to those who are in need.


Pines City College's Community Engagement Services Office aims to

  1. Strengthen the community engagement programs on three levels: Institutional, departmental, and individual;
  2. Integrate into all academic subjects the need for community service that part of learning is serving the community;
  3. Make service a way of life at PCC;
  4. Set programs for positive change, for the community to be self-reliant; and
  5. Cascade the practice of serving the greater community so that when they are already able, they also have the heart to serve others;

    The Community Engagement Services Office supports and enhances the holistic development of students and staff of PCC.