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“We at the College of Respiratory Therapy envision having an excellent and modern technology-based institution capable of producing nationally and internationally competitive respiratory therapists. Coupled with our vision is our commitment to producr respiratory herapists who are humane and scientifically competent in the delivery of cost-effective respiratory care services. Respiratory Therapy is a highly specialized allied health program that offers great challenge and a highly rewarding career. It consists of a four-year intensive training program in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients afflicted with cardiopulmonary, and neuromuscular diseases. After graduation, they are competent critical and analytical thinkers, decision makers, and educators who can surely find job as vital members of a health care team anywhere in the country and around the globe.”



The College of Respiratory Therapy commits to provide holistic quality respiratory therapy education, transformative respiratory community engagement,
and evidence based respiratory clinical practice to compassionate lifelong learners who are responsive
to current and emerging local and global respiratory health needs.





The College of Respiratory Therapy envisions itself as a Center of Excellence in the respiratory health profession education
co-creating equitable societal respiratory health.





• Performs and provides tentative interpretation of tests obtained from physiological specimens whick will assist in the diagnosis and determination of the degree of

impairment of relevant aspect of cardiopulmunary efficiency.

• Implements treatment programs on the basis of test findings within the scope of respiratory analysis.

• Performs pulmonary function testing maneuvers, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and provide artificial airway.

• Administers mechanical ventilator support and pharmacologic agents related respiratory care procedure.

• Participates in the pulmonary rehabilitation of patients with lung disorders.

• Participants in research programs and studies for the advancement of the fields.

• Teaches, lectures and reviews subjects given in the licensure examinations.





You are a vital part of a health care team in Hospitals
HERE & ABROAD assigned in:

Intensive Care Units: managing ventilitors that keep the critically ill alive.

Emergency Rooms: delivering life saving treatments.

Neonatal and Pediatric Units: helping premature babies live, children with asthma
and other respiratory conditions.

Operating Rooms: working with anesthesiologists monitor patient’s breathing during surgery.

Sleep Laboratories: helping to diagnose disorders like apnea.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Area: helping older people and chronic patients cope up with their disease and improve quality of life.

Ambulance: programs rushing to rescuer people in need of immediate medical attention.

Or you can be an Educator or Researcher.




✔ Consistent producer of top notchers with 100% fresh graduate passing rate for 5 consecutive years in the Respiratory Therapy Licensure Examinations.
✔ PCC RT graduates markedly hold high rank positions in various prestigious hospitals in the Philippines and around the globe.
✔ PCC RT graduares are prioritized in career opportunities

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