since 1969

“The college develops nursing students to be competent and globally competitive. It envisions producing nurses who are committed, caring, and critically thinking professionals by providing quality education. The college believes in a continuous learning to achieve excellent performance and to develop strong linkage and partnership with other learning institution for growth.”



The College of Nursing envisions itself as center of excellence in nursing education co-creating equitable societal health.



To provide quality education, active Community involvement, and scholarly inquiry to learners with ethico-moral principles responsive to local and global health needs.



To produce competent nurses who are equip with proper attitude, knowledge and skills to occupy first level professional positions in any health facilities.



1. To nurture caring, competent, compassionate and culturally sensitive nursing students imbued with ethico-legal and spiritual values.
2. To hone nursing students with leadership and entrepreneurial skills in the delivery of nursing care.
3. To provide nursing students guidance for acquiring knowledge and expertise through the utilization of techno-intelligence care systems and processes in the health care delivery.
4. To imbue in nursing students the desire and capability to advance knowledge in nursing practice through continuous learning, research and proper utilization of research findings.
5. To instill principles of partnership and collaboration to improve delivery of nursing health services.